From 9th of August, you need an EU Digital Covid Certificate to visit the farm.

During summertime, our farm is open
Wednesday, Thursday Saturday and Sunday
Program depending of the age of the visitors

Choose between Morning or Afternoon Activities

The 2 ways to visit

Special Morning

from 10 am to 1 pm

go for a walk : 2 options depending of the age of the participants

Walk with a llama

We are starting at 10 am with an easy walk around our Farm.

From the age of 10 years, minors should be accompanied by an adult.


Alpaca Tour

Learn to love Alpaca

Discover their way of life

Small stroll ending with Agility Parcours (if weather permits)

Only for kids from the age of 7 in company of an adult

Start 10:30 am

Fees : 25 € for the llama walk or the alpaca Tour

5€ for each person who is walking with

Afternoon Visit

from 1 pm to 6 pm

Meet the animals, feed them with a vegetable basket (6 euros)
Take your time to observe them.
More than 150 animals to see
A large variety of hens
And enjoy your walk in our forest.
Entrance Fees : 5 €
(kids under 3 do not pay for the visit)
Feeding basket : 6 €

Discover forest life

Take a breath inside our forest

In front of the ponies corall , enter the forest. You will find again llamas and different nature games on the way back to the entrance

Back to the entrance

For sure you are now an expert for our animals.
You can have a drink, ice-cream or you want to take a llama home (take one of the boutique it is smaller to fit into your car) .
Any question ?